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About The Garden
The Police Athletic League Community Garden (PALCG) provides fun opportunities to learn how to grow and prepare food. We explain how different methods of growing food affect our health, wildlife, and the environment. We prefer to grow food organically, which means we avoid using synthetic chemicals as fertilizers and for pest control. We strive to build healthy soil which then creates nutritious plants to eat.
The vegetables, herbs, berries, and fruit trees at PALCG also provide a delightful home for our chickens and bee hives! It is important to use native plants that originated in our geographic area to help support bees, birds, and butterflies to encourage pollination.
Additional activities at PALCG include drawing, photography, filming, writing, singing, playing music, dancing, and participating in outdoor learning laboratories. And of course, learning how to prepare the food we grow! Eating delicious food is the best reward for our hard work.
But gardening is not just about growing healthy food. It is a cooperative activity that brings people together. Gardening can help us learn how to make new friends, get along with people of various ages and backgrounds, and enrich neighborhood and community relationships. Here at the PALKCG, we create fun ways to connect kids, cops, and the community in a safe space.

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