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Martin Cervantes

I moved here from Los Angeles 20 years ago and have been volunteering and working with at-risk youth for 16 years in KCK. I've been married to my wife Jalynda Cervantes for 16 years and our son Martin Jr. is a police officer with the KCKPD.

•       I worked firsthand with Father Gregory Boyle, the founder of Home Boys Industries.
•       I coordinated a Christian ministry aimed at youths for 5 years.
•       I volunteered for 8 years at Central Juvenile Hall in East Los Angeles and Anaheim Juvenile Hall.
•       I organized numerous retreats at various Youth Camps throughout the southern California area. Camp Scott, Camp Scotter and Camp Gonzales, to name a few, were all targeted towards at risk youth and gang members. 
•       I was the Coordinator and Facilitator for Neighborhoods for Christ, Barrios Para Cristo.
•       I have been the keynote speaker at many faith-based youth group meetings and community-based organizations.
•       I have attended too many seminars and trainings to list.  A sample of a few is, Aggression Replacement, Youth Gang Overview, Gang Resistance Education, Gang Crisis, Gang Task Force, Violence by Gangs, Delinquency Prevention, Assistance for Disadvantaged Youth and the Hispanic Gangs in Wyandotte County.
•       I traveled to the Youth Correctional Center at Topeka, Kansas to mentor to the incarcerated youth.
•       Board Member – A Better KCK
•       Life Skills Instructor
•       Leadership 2K class XXXIII
•       Co-founder of Wyandotte Angels
•       Founder & Executive Director of Lowrider Bicycle Club & Leadership
•       Former Board member for Leadership 2000
•       Sitting member on Board of directors Wyandot Mental Health
•       CIT certification

It takes a village to raise a child......

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