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Vania Soto

Art Instructor

I am happy to help provide a safe place to express yourself through drawing and painting! Art has tons of positive outcomes that involve, problem solving, science and mental health as well.


I am a local Kansas City, Kansas artist that was born in Mexico and raised in Tennessee. I have lived in Kansas City for 12 years now. I am a full time artist and art instructor. When I was 13 I started selling paintings and have not stopped since.

Favorite Food

Mediterranean Food


Decorating & organizing, are those hobbies?

Greatest Influencers

My culture and heritage was a huge in􀂧uence in everything I did as a kid and all of my artwork as well.

One Thing I wish Someone told me as a kid

That nothing is permanent. Everything changes, and you have the power to change and shape your future.

Favorite Part Of PALKCK

The history of the building and it’s location! Our community has tons of different cultures and all attend.

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