Tommy Harrington

IT/Media Director

Be a positive influence affecting change within ones life.


I spent 32 years of my life in Western New York before moving to Kansas City, Kansas. I love to learn on my own and from others who have different expertise. This allowed me to work in the offset and digital printing world, live video production and in web development. Now, I am also exploring the technology side of things.

Favorite Food

Lasagna, Tacos, BBQ


Playing Drums, Technology

Greatest Influencers

I have had many throughout my life that would take time out of their life to breathe wisdom into my live.

One Thing I wish Someone told me as a kid

Ask questions and never stop working at being better. There is never the best or number one in life just being one of the best.

Favorite Part Of PALKCK

I enjoy using my knowledge and skills to be a part of a team and teach people.