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Patrick PJ Locke

Police Officer

I am inspired by giving the kids more opportunities in life and letting them see there is more to the world than their neighborhood.


I was born in Kansas City in 1983 and have remained a native ever since. I attended Bishop Ward High School and graduated with honors in 2002. I completed my associate's degree from Kansas City Kansas Community College.

Favorite Food



Sports, Hunting, Fishing, Boating

Greatest Influencers

My father was a Police Officer in Kansas City, KS

One Thing I wish Someone told me as a kid

I wish someone would have told me how much more of the world there is. That there is more kinds of food, places to see, places to go, people to meet. Do traveling and exploring.

Favorite Part Of PALKCK

My favorite part of the PAL is giving kids new experiences they have not been able to do or see. To teach them a new hobby or sport. Seeing the small changes between the kids and the Police.

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