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Marcella Morales-Gaona

Garden Director

I started growing food later in life, but wish I had started earlier. Joining a community garden helped me learn from other gardeners, and I found a joyous new path. I love to share my expertise since I learned so much in a community garden. Gardens are places where people can grow together in various ways.


I was raised in the Sheffield neighborhood located in Northeast Kansas City, Missouri. My family includes my parents and ten siblings! We grew up with a sense of community and cooperation where we all worked together (even with our neighbor friends) to get our chores done so we could go out to play. The memory of my mother’s rock garden eventually inspired my passion for gardening.

Favorite Food

Anything plant base or grass fed.


Learning, family genealogy, working and being active

Greatest Influencers

My parent's work ethic and my siblings.

One Thing I wish Someone told me as a kid

The body is smart - take care of it.

Favorite Part Of PALKCK

The garden is my priority, but it is so much fun to participate in all other activities!

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